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Creating with Salt Dough

I remember fondly the salt dough creations myself and my brother made when we were small, in the dresser in our home years after making them. The ravages of time may have made some of them a little less whole, but they still had pride of place next to my mother’s best glass, china and old photos.

Making Salt Dough is an ideal activity to do with children, especially during this time whilst parents are looking for activities for smallies. No doubts though that this activity  can be fun for all ages!

Salt dough Recipe 

1 cup / 250g of plain flour
1/2 cup / 125g of salt
1/2 cup of water / approz 125ml

Optional food colouring – I found some in the cupboard so experimented with it.

Paints – whatever you have at home, I had gouache.
Acrylic paint is ideal, you could also use poster paint, glitter.


Full instructions with step-by-step photos here

Top Tips

Simple designs work best, as the dough isn’t sturdy until baked.

If your child can’t decide between a tall giraffe or a flatter gecko, for example, steer them towards the gecko.

Also bear in mind that the bigger/fatter the model, the longer it will take to harden in the oven.

Rose Roccaforte is a ceramic artist and clay maker, who teaches at Cuan Mhuire Coolarne. She is currently completing the Arts in Group Facilitation Certificate at CIT Crawford and hopes to work more with arts in the community in the future.

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Rainbow Feeds

When we take notice of our surrounding, what beauty there is! Take time with a camera to notice all the colours of the rainbow that surround you. You could choose to do this in nature and outdoors or to explore the colours around you at home; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and the shades in between.

Our social media feeds get full of such a mix of stuff… interesting, depressing, helpful, distracting and beautiful!
I thought it would be refreshing to fill feeds with rainbows of the beauty around us by taking pictures of all the colours from the rainbow that are in our immediate surroundings. The photos could be shared on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, wherever you like to hang out.

Above is my rainbow.

I tried out this activity as a collaboration with this year’s participants on the Arts in Group Facilitation Certificate in CIT Crawford College of Arts and Design. They are used to meeting up once a month to learn and work together through the arts. This month, from our homes, we filled a WhatsApp group conversation simultaneously over a half hour period. It not only connected up to our own space and environment but connected up to each other as we got little insights to each other’s lives and perspectives.

If you want to share your rainbow feed, or see others use hashtag with #covidrainbowfeed
You can also hashtag with #creativitytonic and #artsforall.

Jessica Carson-Marbe is an artist, arts facilitator and lecturer on the Creativity and Change and Arts in Group Facilitation courses at CIT Crawford.

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Engage with the Night Sky

CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory is used by CIT Research staff to explore topics such as pulsars, exoplanets and near-earth objects. It is an award winning Observatory and Science Centre, housed in an iconic 16th Century Castle. In addition to astronomy research, the Observatory seeks to improve science literacy, fostering interest in science, engineering and technology through the medium of astronomy.

The whole team is passionate about bringing the night sky closer to the people of Cork and beyond. Through their activities and commitment, they want to inspire people of all ages and from all walks of life to experience the wonder of science. The Blackrock Castle Observatory’s website provides a number of fun and relaxing ways to get outside and engage with the night sky. They are also very family friendly so a great way for stressed parents to engage bored kids.


Our Daily Astro Challenge:

Weekdays at 12.30pm

With this program we will slowly build your familiarity with the night sky through a series of increasingly complex challenges. These short, 2 minute episodes build on what you have learned in earlier sessions to take you from a novice to a real amateur astronomer in no time! These challenges have already proved to be immensely successful. You can view the back catalogue, and find new challenges every weekday. Check it out here.


Planetarium at Home

Fridays from 4pm

We are particularly excited to be bringing our planetarium experience to a remote learning platform. Guided planetarium shows are at the heart of the BCO visitor experience and we are sure you will enjoy watching these weekly shows as much as we enjoy making them. These are a perfect family weekend activity, with two short episodes dropping every Friday evening. These videos are also supplemented with ESERO Ireland Resources for those who want to go one step further with the learning experience. Check them out here.


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At home in Body and Spirit

As a dance teacher I work with the body, mind and spirit in class. During these Pandemic days , I am doing my best to find ways of caring for my dancers, both young and old, and the various mindful movement classes I teach. In working virtually, initially it has been easiest for me to connect with spirit, through meditation. So far I have been recording meditations and combining them with my photographs and sharing on line. I have also been making video clips of movement/ choreographic work and holding on line gatherings where I carry out body awareness work and movement. I am on the path to bringing body, mind and spirit together in a virtual way.

Years ago when I moved from creating choreographic work for stage on to choreographing for film, I had to shift my way of thinking. I had to come at the creative approach differently. I feel today I am making another shift. This is my challenge at this time. I love people. I love to connect in a meaningful way. There is a way.

Tina Horan is a Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Mindful Movement Teacher, Body Awareness Facilitator and member of our Creative Community.

In the Quiet with You

In meditating over the years, I have found great peace, calm and comfort. I feel connected to the Magnificent Holy Spirit that lives within all of us. I feel deeply connected to Nature and to Man Kind all over the world. I know I am not alone. I feel I belong. I feel loved. I feel at home.


All Is Well In My World

In this meditation we focus on the belief and the thought that All is Well With Us and all will work out just fine. If I believe the opposite, life can become too difficult. I lose my peace and my joy. Resting in the quiet daily, I am restored.




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