DIY story cubes

As a performer, I often get stuck in my own head when trying to create new, original, unique stories, characters and worlds. Using storycubes is a great, fun and playful way to provoke new ideas, to inspire unique characters and inspire original and beautiful images.



During this exercise I will be leading you on your journey to create beautiful story cubes. Story cubes are wonderful objects for any creative person to have in their toolkit. They can be used in a number of diverse ways; ignite improv ideas, storytelling, artistic inspiration, etc.


● A4 paper

● Ruler

● Pencil

● Colouring pencils, markers, crayons

● Glue

● Scissors


Steps for Making Story Cubes


1. Draw four 2 inch squares down the centre of the page. On either side of the square that is second from the top draw another 2 inch square. As indicated in the image, draw flaps, which will later be used when folding and gluing your cube together.

2. Draw 6 simple images, symbols, objects, faces, etc in each of the 6 squares. Add colour, add glitter, make them as spectacular looking as you wish.

3. Cut out your stencil. Fold along all the lines of your shape so that it is easier to assemble your cube later.

4. Add glue to all the flaps

5. Fold your squares to form a cube. I found leaving the square with no flaps to be stuck down until last made the folding process easier.

6. Viola, you have successfully made a story cube! Make as many of these cubes as you desire. Perhaps exploring different themes and concepts on different cubes e.g. an emotions cube, an action cube, a character cube, etc.







Activity Ideas with Story Cube

These suggestions work best with three or more story cubes.

● Improvised scenes which must contain the images rolled on your cubes.

● A painting or drawing which is inspired by the images rolled on your cubes.

● Writing or telling a story using the images rolled on the cubes as prompts.

● A game of charades.

● Create dance moves that represent the images rolled on your cube, play music and get silly.


Maeve Lewis is a graduate of UCC Drama and Theatre. She has volunteered extensively with young people and individuals with intellectual disabilities. She is passionate about working with community, and using drama and artistic practices.  Maeve recently completed the Arts in Group Facilitation Certificate at CIT Crawford.