Creating with Salt Dough

I remember fondly the salt dough creations myself and my brother made when we were small, in the dresser in our home years after making them. The ravages of time may have made some of them a little less whole, but they still had pride of place next to my mother’s best glass, china and old photos.

Making Salt Dough is an ideal activity to do with children, especially during this time whilst parents are looking for activities for smallies. No doubts though that this activity  can be fun for all ages!

Salt dough Recipe 

1 cup / 250g of plain flour
1/2 cup / 125g of salt
1/2 cup of water / approz 125ml

Optional food colouring – I found some in the cupboard so experimented with it.

Paints – whatever you have at home, I had gouache.
Acrylic paint is ideal, you could also use poster paint, glitter.


Full instructions with step-by-step photos here

Top Tips

Simple designs work best, as the dough isn’t sturdy until baked.

If your child can’t decide between a tall giraffe or a flatter gecko, for example, steer them towards the gecko.

Also bear in mind that the bigger/fatter the model, the longer it will take to harden in the oven.

Rose Roccaforte is a ceramic artist and clay maker, who teaches at Cuan Mhuire Coolarne. She is currently completing the Arts in Group Facilitation Certificate at CIT Crawford and hopes to work more with arts in the community in the future.