Home is Where the Art is

Little Fine Artists is a mobile art workshop programme for children. It is a space for creative learning, for young artists to explore their own ideas and socialise with peers. The aim is to develop a young artist’s confidence in their creative practice and abilities. Little Fine Artists promotes the value in play, experimentation and imagination rather than focusing on honing a particular skill or craft. Workshops take place weekly in Cork schools and community spaces and are run by

Since the recent closure of schools, colleges and cultural institutions due to coronavirus I decided to post an ongoing series of creative activities on Little Fine Artists’ social media. I’ve titled this project ‘Home Is Where the Art Is’. The idea is to provide families with simple creative activities to do at home during this time. I’ve included one of my favourite creative projects below. Do visit Little Fine Artists’ Instagram and Facebook pages for more ideas!

Hilary O’Mahony facilitates Little Fine Artists and is a trainee Art Therapist at CIT Crawford.

The Scribble Game

This activity is great fun, so simple and really gets you moving!

– Paper
– Drawing materials like markers, crayons or colouring pencils
– Tape
– Glue
– Scissors

– Grab some paper, the bigger the better.
– Next choose your drawing material, it’s great fun drawing with a few crayons or markers at the same time!
– Get scribbling, start in the middle and work your way outwards, you might like to switch colours and layer your scribble drawing up.
– Make a series of scribble drawings, try making one while working really fast, really slow, using your left hand, using your right hand, using both hands at the same time, drawing with your eyes closed. Don’t be too precious.
– Take a step back to have a look at your work…do you have a favourite, why?
– Next, chose a drawing to develop further. Use your all art materials to develop your scribble drawing into a more detailed image.
– Have fun and enjoy the process!