Rainbow Feeds

When we take notice of our surrounding, what beauty there is! Take time with a camera to notice all the colours of the rainbow that surround you. You could choose to do this in nature and outdoors or to explore the colours around you at home; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and the shades in between.

Our social media feeds get full of such a mix of stuff… interesting, depressing, helpful, distracting and beautiful!
I thought it would be refreshing to fill feeds with rainbows of the beauty around us by taking pictures of all the colours from the rainbow that are in our immediate surroundings. The photos could be shared on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, wherever you like to hang out.

Above is my rainbow.

I tried out this activity as a collaboration with this year’s participants on the Arts in Group Facilitation Certificate in CIT Crawford College of Arts and Design. They are used to meeting up once a month to learn and work together through the arts. This month, from our homes, we filled a WhatsApp group conversation simultaneously over a half hour period. It not only connected up to our own space and environment but connected up to each other as we got little insights to each other’s lives and perspectives.

If you want to share your rainbow feed, or see others use hashtag with #covidrainbowfeed
You can also hashtag with #creativitytonic and #artsforall.

Jessica Carson-Marbe is an artist, arts facilitator and lecturer on the Creativity and Change and Arts in Group Facilitation courses at CIT Crawford.