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Honouring the small actions

On this April morning I am sitting in my living room watching the swallows make their nest under the eaves of the house across the road. They fly back and forth with bits of this and that to construct their home. So many journeys and so many pieces of debris are brought together to create something new. I am reminded of all the small things we do on a daily basis that we so easily dismiss or belittle by thinking that they are not important, that they don’t really matter, that they are not big enough. Yet it is all

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At home in Body and Spirit

As a dance teacher I work with the body, mind and spirit in class. During these Pandemic days , I am doing my best to find ways of caring for my dancers, both young and old, and the various mindful movement classes I teach. In working virtually, initially it has been easiest for me to connect with spirit, through meditation. So far I have been recording meditations and combining them with my photographs and sharing on line. I have also been making video clips of movement/ choreographic work and holding on line gatherings where I carry out body awareness work

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Self Isolation Creations

What has surprised me over the last few days is how sharply and quickly isolation can set in. Despite our multiple means of communication, much of our deepest fears and anxieties are not finding pathway to expression. A few days ago I started feeling a bit powerless and wondered how I could help others feeling this way. So I started creating exercises for myself each afternoon that help me to reconnect and give me something creative to do that would stop me worrying. I’m now posting these 20 minute ‘self-isolation creations’ every day on my Instagram and Facebook pages: Lucy

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