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Creating with Salt Dough

I remember fondly the salt dough creations myself and my brother made when we were small, in the dresser in our home years after making them. The ravages of time may have made some of them a little less whole, but they still had pride of place next to my mother’s best glass, china and old photos. Making Salt Dough is an ideal activity to do with children, especially during this time whilst parents are looking for activities for smallies. No doubts though that this activity  can be fun for all ages! Salt dough Recipe  1 cup / 250g of

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At home in Body and Spirit

As a dance teacher I work with the body, mind and spirit in class. During these Pandemic days , I am doing my best to find ways of caring for my dancers, both young and old, and the various mindful movement classes I teach. In working virtually, initially it has been easiest for me to connect with spirit, through meditation. So far I have been recording meditations and combining them with my photographs and sharing on line. I have also been making video clips of movement/ choreographic work and holding on line gatherings where I carry out body awareness work

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Sense Aesthetic

Mark Ewart Openness to finding comfort in unexpected places, is something that we should welcome into our lives right now. Not as an antidote to the ‘boredom’ that broadcast media feels bound to protect us from, but instead, a quiet, dignified appreciation, for what immediately surrounds us within our confinement. Of course, the irony is that most of us are still too busy to be bored anyway – and I include those doing essential and highly valued work in the community, as well as those who have sadly lost their jobs and are now occupied by worry and stress, upon

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