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DIY story cubes

As a performer, I often get stuck in my own head when trying to create new, original, unique stories, characters and worlds. Using storycubes is a great, fun and playful way to provoke new ideas, to inspire unique characters and inspire original and beautiful images.   Introduction During this exercise I will be leading you on your journey to create beautiful story cubes. Story cubes are wonderful objects for any creative person to have in their toolkit. They can be used in a number of diverse ways; ignite improv ideas, storytelling, artistic inspiration, etc. Need ● A4 paper ● Ruler ● Pencil ●

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Rainbow Feeds

When we take notice of our surrounding, what beauty there is! Take time with a camera to notice all the colours of the rainbow that surround you. You could choose to do this in nature and outdoors or to explore the colours around you at home; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and the shades in between. Our social media feeds get full of such a mix of stuff… interesting, depressing, helpful, distracting and beautiful! I thought it would be refreshing to fill feeds with rainbows of the beauty around us by taking pictures of all the colours from

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Home is Where the Art is

Little Fine Artists is a mobile art workshop programme for children. It is a space for creative learning, for young artists to explore their own ideas and socialise with peers. The aim is to develop a young artist’s confidence in their creative practice and abilities. Little Fine Artists promotes the value in play, experimentation and imagination rather than focusing on honing a particular skill or craft. Workshops take place weekly in Cork schools and community spaces and are run by Since the recent closure of schools, colleges and cultural institutions due to coronavirus I decided to post an ongoing series

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